Above and Beyond - WWII Stories of the Greatest Generation


Edward H Franc, Dr. Jill A O'Sullivan, Dennis W Goldensohn, Bernita J McGoldrick

This book courageously tells the stories of WW2 Hero's among us. Featuring our loved ones, our beloved, who have endured the unspeakable with the ultimate commitment to ensure that our future would be better because of their sacrifices. These men served the USA fearlessly and loyally for our freedom.

Bravery, dedication and perseverance is highlighted throughout these stories shining a blaring light on devotion for our country. Our Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, Husbands, Grandfathers, Cousins, and Friends were dedicated to defeating tyranny, evil and our enemy. They represented this country valiantly in gruesome and dangerous conditions. Carrying out their duties in the Army, Navy, Marines, Army Air Corp, Merchant Marines or Coast Guard. Serving in Europe, North Africa, or the Far East, these stories present soldiers that were fiercely tested each minute in the preservation of the free world. Compelling, chilling details of allegiance these men deserve our Appreciation and Recognition as told through their stories, family stories; Stories of Greatness!! Incredible life and death stories of our men that fought for our freedom. We collectively Acknowledge their Service and are extremely Grateful to each one of them. Read their stories, understand better why must never forget what they sacrificed, so we can remain and enjoy what freedom affords us! 

We Thank You For Your Service To The United States of America And For Our Freedom!
God Bless America And These Brave Men And Their Families.


Publisher: DMMSI Associates, Inc

ISBN/EAN13: 0998454214 / 9780998454214