The IMAE Author Application Process


The IMAE Process ensures that our staff will guide you through our process so that we can get your manuscript completed and ready for publication and distribution. We are committed to working with authors to understand their needs and what their expectations are. At IMAE, we believe this is a team effort and we are here to ensure that your submissions are successful!

The following are the steps that IMAE uses to guide you through the process:

Step 1: Discuss and Compile the Information:

IMAE believes that it is not just the manuscript submission that counts. We believe that a close working relationship with the author is critical! Before, during, and after the submission is received, the staff at IMAE will have discussions with the author to ensure that we have a plan that contains all of the steps and wants of the author. A checklist will be developed to ensure that all of these are captured and completed against a timeline that IMAE and author agrees to.

Step 2: Review the entire Manuscript and other Supporting Documents:

Once we have received the manuscript, pictures, diagrams and other items that will be included in the author’s book, we then begin the process of reviewing the manuscript for content, spelling, fonts, pagination, and table of contents structure.

In the second step, we will then develop the cover and also take into consideration the author’s design requests. The cover is the first thing the customer sees, so it is important that this is done properly!

Through this entire process, IMAE will work closely with the author to make sure that all of the author’s expectations are taken into account!

Step 3: Author Review:

When IMAE has gone through its extensive review of the manuscript and the design of the book’s cover, we will then have the author review the file so that we can ensure that we have met the author’s expectations. IMAE wants to make sure that there are no unanswered questions and that all outstanding issues have been successfully completed. We will send, with the file, the checklist that was created so the author can sign-off on the project, stating that IMAE has met the project’s requirements.

Step 4: Sent to Publish:

Once the book is ready for publishing, IMAE will send it to one of our publishing partners who will review the file one more time to ensure that it is print and ebook ready. When the file is approved, it will be ready for printing or to be formatted for an ebook format.

Step 5: Marketing and Sales:

Through our distribution partners, your book will be available globally. This ensures that maximum exposure and we also work with colleges and university bookstores.