Persistence " I Know You Can Do This!": How Non-Traditional Women Open Doors

by Julie A. Holmes


This is a story of inspiration and determination. How mentoring someone can change their life, and give the mentor unbelievable, unimaginable reward/satisfaction. One woman’s story of her fork in the road opportunity because of her Mentors – Edith Whitfield Seashore and Charles Seashore


Julie A. Holmes has been a consultant in the Organization Dev. Field for over 25 years. This is her story about how she discovered O.D. and the life-changing meeting with her Mentors – Edie and Charlie Seashore.


How an hourly worker, in a non-traditional role: Cable Splicer, can find their light that shines within them, and not feel like they are an outsider watching good things happen to everyone else.


  • Be open to an opportunity.
  • Have a desire, wish, idea about who you could be if…
  • Recognize that a path may be put in front of you, and you only have to take the first step.
  • Trust, and hearing from someone credible, that you are good, and could be successful at what you want to do.
  • Being persistent, and not giving up on your dream, or yourself.
  • Loss and Recovering
  • Finding purpose in what mentors taught
  • Paying it forward in ways that make sense for you.

Target Audience

Women who are working twice as hard or more to be noticed at work as a valuable contributor; Men who need to recognize when women are working at a higher level but not seen as the same as male co-workers in the same job; anyone who wants to hear a really good story; anyone who wants to try to find that drive, desire, or dream for themselves and re-energize their feeling that they can do it; those that have also been mentored by Edie and Charlie, and remember how they met.


Pay it forward

Help people recognize a Mentor, or becoming a Mentor to someone.

Honor my mentors

Dedicate this work to Edie and Charlie.

Provide a springboard for telling many

Hopefully this will open up avenues for telling as many people this story, particularly women, to help inspire, mentor, and build confidence to take a chance on yourself, and dispel negative “tapes”.

Publisher: DMMSI Associates, Inc

ISBN: 0991214277