Mentafabulous!: Mentoring Good People to be Fabulous

by Dr. Jill Anne O'Sullivan

The Customer satisfaction percentage for ERP systems is at an all-time low. It does not need to be.

Dr. Jill Anne O'Sullivan, author of such books as "A Transformational Approach from the Classroom to the Business World" and "ERP Concepts: Understanding the Power of ERP for Today's Business" shares her experience of the role as Mentee, Teacher and Mentor.

She believes that mentoring can be rewarding and can lead to lifetime relationships and experiences that only sharing your talents can provide. Dr. O'Sullivan shares her tips, her favorite quotes, and words to live by, which can begin to build the bridge between student to professional in a profound, but not limited pocket edition. Join the journey from simply mentoring, to being "Menta-Fabulous!”


Publisher: JJKT Consulting

ISBN: 0990899306