The IMAE Business & Academic ERP Implementation Series

by Dr. Jill O’Sulivan, John Rico, CPIM & Dennis Goldensohn

In today’s competitive marketplace, managing your internal as well as your external supply chain is critical. An Enterprise Resource Planning –ERP System looks at both external as well as internal functions of your supply chain and helps guide you to make better decisions. ERP systems are very complex and they must be implemented properly or you will not reap the benefits that they provide!

The ERP Guide provides the reader with a road map on how to select, prepare and implement an ERP system. There are many considerations that must be taken into account, from choosing an ERP solution provider to “Going Live”. A well planned ERP project plan is of the utmost importance to ensure that you maintain the project’s budget and timeline! The goal is to utilize the newly implemented ERP system to its fullest and to obtain the stated Return On Investment-ROI.

This guide will help the reader understand all of the issues that they will encounter and most importantly, what the best practices are! The lessons learned by the authors of this guide, is a wealth of knowledge that the reader will have so that their ERP implementation project will have the least amount of barriers, while reaping all of the benefits that an ERP system provides.


This Guide offers:

Real Examples

Brainstorming Opportunities

Access to the Authors



Publisher: DMMSI Associates, Inc

ISBN: 978-0-9912142-2-8

LOCN: 2015900763