by Dr. Jill A O'Sullivan, Dr. Theresa Nick, Sandy Abraham

U.S. manufacturing is still facing unprecedented challenges - but a bright future lies ahead for those companies that are able to maintain innovative capacity. 

Cutting-edge Shop Floor Management technology and systems are finding its way up and down the production line, eliminating the “disconnectivity” in the manufacturing value chain that need to be eliminated as organizations embark on the Smart Manufacturing journey to synchronize, automate and optimize the physical and digital processes.These trends require the modern manufacturing business to undergo a fundamental transformation. 

The road to competitive success in manufacturing is not only paved with advanced equipment and technology to improve production effectiveness — it is also a necessity to alter the organizations’ mindset to allow meaningful change to take place on the Shop Floor. To set manufacturing operations apart from competition the impact of Manufacturing 4.0 technologies on the business must be understood, in order to successfully utilize results calculated in metrics such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).


Publisher: DMMSI Associates, Inc

ISBN: 978-0-9912142-4-2

LOCN: 2016937038