Our Authors

John Rico

John Rico has been in the Manufacturing, Production and Materials Management field for over 30 years.  He has worked in several different types of business environments that include: Aerospace, Pharmaceutical and consumer based products.  John has been through several major ERP implementations, of which he chaired two very successful projects and served as a task team leader on another. John has been through many software upgrade implementations and ISO 9000 implementations.  He has seen successes and failures and as a result knows what works and what does not. John received his certification from American Production and Inventory Control society as CPIM early in his career and it has served as a solid foundation for all his future learning experiences.  John has been through a great deal of formalized training in preparation for implementations and “Train the Trainer” programs.


Dennis Goldensohn

Dennis Goldensohn has been employed in the manufacturing industry for the past 44 years, with the past forty one years with Arkwin Industries, where he serves as the Production Control Coordinator for the Manufacturing facility. Dennis is also a Lean facilitator and was a part of Arkwin’s ERP Implementation team. Dennis graduated from Farmingdale State College with a Bachelor Degree in Management of Technology and is the Alumnus of the year for 2012. He also was inducted into the Sigma, Beta, Delta Honor Society in 2000. Dennis is a member of APICS and SME and serves on the RIC Aerospace and Aviation committee. Dennis serves in the P-Tech program as the chairperson of the Industry Partner subcommittee. Dennis is married to Ellen for 37 years and has two children and two grandchildren. Dennis is an avid professional photographer.


Dr. Jill O’Sullivan

Dr. Jill O’Sullivan is an Assistant Professor at Farmingdale State College in NY, where she teaches ERP, MIS, Operations and Supply Chain Management.  As the first past president of APICS NYC/LI she serves as the Faculty/Student Adviser of the Student Chapter at Farmingdale. She is on the Advisory Editorial Board of the Journal of Systemic, Cybernetics, and Informatics (JSCI). Dr. O’Sullivan is an original member of the Manufacturing Executive Leadership Council.   Founder/President of JJKT Consulting Services and previously founded JJK Sales, a Manufacturers Sales company representing the northeastern regions specializing in custom manufacturing, assembly and electronic component products for Industrial/OEM, Distributor/Wholesalers, Value Added Reseller, Military/Aerospace, Government and Medical companies. Formerly a Purchasing and Materials Manager on LI, Mrs. O’Sullivan has acquired more than 24 years of experience in Operations and IT in military, aerospace, government and commercial companies. 


Dr. Theresa L. Nick

Dr. Theresa L. Nick is Engagement Manager at FORCAM, Inc., a Manufacturing Execution Process (MES) software provider, responsible for deploying the software at their customers’ facilities. Additionally she trains the company’s customers in engaging with the software and using it to improve productivity on their shop floors via Continuous Improvement Processes.

Her background is in the area of Information Technology where she published numerous articles in a diverse range of journals and presented her research at different conferences worldwide.  Theresa’s new focus is on the benefits that come with real-time information about shop floors in any kind of industry.

Born and raised in Germany she is currently living in the US together with her husband, Sebastian.


Gene Caiola

Gene Caiola has worked for both small and large manufacturers in the areas of production and shop floor control, quality, accounting and IT. He began his career in a small manufacturer of electronic test devices during high school, working in the operational areas of the company. In 1980, Gene joined Sperry Systems, a 5,000-person manufacturer of high tech systems in Lake Success, New York, and continued to gain experience in all aspects of manufacturing including the Financial and Technology areas of the company. In 1987, Gene joined Richard A. Eisner and Company, a prominent public accounting firm specializing in manufacturing and distribution consulting, as Director of Manufacturing Services.

In 1994, Gene began the foundation for Synergy Resources with a vision of delivering mission critical services to the manufacturing industry through the use of Infor ERP solutions. Gene began the company out of the proverbial “bedroom office”. Synergy now employs over 100 people in over 10 states, and Canada. In his role at Synergy, Gene participates in all aspects of a customer project to ensure that Synergy delivers the highest level of customer service across the strategic, business system and technical divisions of their company.

As a proponent of fostering strong educational/business community relationships, Gene has worked with local colleges to develop curriculums that provide students with ‘hands on’ ERP skills through the use of ERP software in the classroom. Gene published his first textbook for use in these programs and is currently working on a second book.

Through this relationship Gene is also a part-time Professor at Farmingdale State University teaching Operation and Supply Chain Management courses and is an active member its ERP Business Alliance project.

Gene holds a BS in Accounting from SUNY-Binghamton and an MBA in Business Information Systems from Hofstra University.

Gene lives on the North Fork of Long Island, with his wife Shari in Southold, New York.


Bernita J. McGoldrick

Bernita J. McGoldrick has spent many years in publishing, working with many new authors as they publish the stories they had locked inside. Above and Beyond is the first historical-based book that she has had the pleasure of co-authoring. With many family members who served during World War II, it was a personal effort to ensure that the stories were not forgotten. Ms. McGoldrick is also author of Pretty, Pretty, Picky Penelope (Halo Publishing, 2010), a book which encourages children to try new foods through creative activities.   Ms. McGoldrick lives in New York with her husband, Chris, who shared his own family artifacts and stories, along with three grown daughters, who all share a love of history. May we never forget!

Edward H. Franc

Edward H. Franc was born in Brooklyn, New York on July 7, 1924 to parents Elma and Edward Franc. Shortly after birth, his family moved to St. Albans, New York. Ed’s sister, Jeanne, was three years older. When the Great Depression hit, his father lost his job as a tool and die maker and went to work for the Federal Government Project Workers Project Administration (WPA) in order to exist. When he was 11 years old, his father got a job in an outdoor parking lot, taking Ed with him, worked long hours. At the onset of WWII, Ed and two of his friends were to enlist in the Marines, but he came down with appendicitis. After he recuperated from surgery, Ed was drafted and chose the U.S. Navy, where he served as Quartermaster. Upon honorable discharge from the Navy, Ed worked for 44 years with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. During the War, Ed’s family moved to Garden City, New York. Ed met his wife, Dorothy Kazia, through a friend, and were married June 18, 1949. They had four children Evelyn, Kenneth, Russell and Leslie. Russell lost his life at the age of 20. The remaining three are still living. Ed’s wife passed away in 2006. Ed, now 93, still resides in his Syosset, New York home purchased with Dorothy in 1949. Ed Franc is an active member of Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion.


Sandy Abraham

Sandy Abraham as an international marketing specialist leveraging global corporate and institutional experience and an upbringing spanning multiple countries, Sandy has built a strong ability to collaborate, facilitate and innovate every aspect of business.

Sandy Abraham is a true team player who leads all global marketing activities and brand management of FORCAM. Passion for technology and innovation drive her enthusiasm to lead marketing teams in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas.