Industrial Research

Integrating Social Media in ERP Undergraduate Curriculum at Farmingdale State College with Industry Enterprise Partnership @ 2014 ECC National Conference Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York

By Dr. Jill O’Sullivan and Gene Caiola

"According to current research businesses today indicate that enterprise social media is a highly important part of their overall business strategy so why not provide an opportunity for students to learn and understand this at the college level right before they plunge into the workforce. Students in this tech savvy generation know very well how to use social media tools to engage so teaching them how to use this to be effective in business in an ERP system will provide an advantage for them after graduation. With social media taking an increasing role in business, students need to know how this is used in organizations to enrich customer service, create new marketing strategies, increase sales, and improve the competitive advantage.

Farmingdale State College, Synergy Resources and Infor Global Solutions are providing undergraduate students with the knowledge of integrating social media into the Visual ERP product used in their newest course."