by Gene Caiola & Dr. Jill O’Sulivan

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are highly complex information systems that allow a company to differentiate itself amongst the fierce competition today. The implementation of an ERP systems can be difficult and costly even with a well thought out strategy. With the tremendous demands on corporate time and resources having employees that are proficient in using their ERP tool will enable the company to compete and perform successfully. Training employees using the ERP is absolutely necessary. We have smart and creative leaders and we must recognize that training our future employees to use the ERP tool is essential. Many dollars are spent on the system and companies must empower their employees to acquire the ERP skillset needed to perform their function and better calculate any issue within the enterprise that would prohibit success.

This book allows the reader a step- by-step instructional hands on application of the modules used in an ERP system from the initial quote to the completion of the receipt of cash process after delivery. The skills needed for entry level employees to assist a company in their ERP implementation is in demand. This book provides for better preparation at a time when college graduates are struggling to distinguish themselves and their skills upon graduation. Companies are hiring and paying more for this skill today. This books makes a difference where very few have. This instructional content bridges the gap that has been so deep between academia and industry. Using an industry ERP tool with real world scenarios improves students and employees understanding and retention of how to handle industry issues in real time effectively. This helps develop attributes needed to succeed in business by offering outstanding educational effectiveness through this dynamic learning.


This Textbook offers:

Instruction for Infor VISUAL

Basic Skill Set Development

Introduction to Shop Floor experience

Introduction to Software Components used in Manufacturing

Real Company Examples


Publisher: DMMSI Associates, Inc

ISBN: 978-0-9912142-5-9

LOCN: 2015900763